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A shout back at you, Progressive Historians, a "community blog" that I've followed and enjoyed for most of its existence. Tuesday's "Open Thread" on 09/18 gives our little fledgling effort here props for substantive posts in spite of our (so I gather) rather primitive blogspot format, and quotes from Kelly's post on "The Disciple Generation" (scroll down) as an example of what they like here. They conclude: I highly recommend adding this site to your Favorites list -- along with Street Prophets and Talk to Action, it's rapidly becoming one of the most hoppin' spots for religious discourse on the Net.

A good start for readers of this blog to dip into the variety of topics/posts at Progressive Historians is here, with one contributor's "diary" entry/reflections on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911. Religious historians tend to "miss" labor issues often times -- as least I do -- and that doesn't need to be the case, given the historical connections between the two, most especially during the Progressive era.

Her conclusion: But how does a horrible tragedy from 1911 have anything to do with today?
Simply put, the work isn't done.


Nonpartisan said…
Thanks for the shout-out! Don't take my comment about the software platform too personally -- it's just that I've caused a bit of a furore over there lamenting the state of blog software in the history blogosphere. Really, it's not about you.
Paul Harvey said…

No personal reference taken -- was just teasing myself and my technical limitations a bit! Blog addresses are like email addresses, once you get one you've used for a while it's awfully hard to change, even when better programs are around. Paul

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