DuBois: American Prophet


This is a new blog to foster discussion, sharing of links, and (I hope) eventually a group blog in American religious history. Please feel free to join the discussion; here is my home page. Yes, it hasn't been updated for a couple of millennia.

Let me start with a recommnendation for my friend Edward J. Blum's new book W. E. B. Du Bois: American Prophet. Blum's work should foster a new level of discussion on one of America's most profound religious thinkers.

Lately I've been following the fascinating discussion at Mary Dudziak's Legal History Blog, as well as Mark Grimsley's posts at Blog Them Out of the Stone Age and of course my old friend Ralph Luker's Cliopatria. A more complete listing of history blogs may be found at Cliopatria's history blogroll.

I've been looking around for other American religious history blogs -- anybody out there?


Mary L. Dudziak said…
Welcome to the blogosphere! This blog will be of great interest to many legal historians.

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