American Religious History A-Z

I'm currently co-editing (along with Ed Blum and bibliographic editor Randall Stephens) the Columbia Guide to Religion in American History, which will feature, among other good things, about twenty-one essays by top scholars in the field on all manner of topics, from "Colonial Encounters" to "Religion and Politics" to "Islam in America."

One of the appendices for the book will have a glossary -- American religious history A-Z. So, what do you think are some really important but often overlooked terms -- people, events, movements, whatever -- that should go in such a glossary. Send me some suggestions, and I'll give you the grand prize -- a tour of Focus on the Family headquarters if/when you visit Colorado Springs.

P.S.: Somebody really needs to do a good, solid, non-polemical academic history of Focus on the Family -- anybody doing any such thing out there?


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