Spill Your Seed, Go to Jail: New Blog Beyond the Badge Unites Religion and Law Enforcement

Paul Harvey

On a slow blog day, a little shout out, slightly but not completely off topic, for a blog started by my former student Brad Hart, an excellent historian and a law enforcement official here in Colorado Springs: Beyond the Badge, a promising young blog "devoted to the history of law enforcement and crime in the United States." For one of his earliest entries, Brad has reprised something he previously posted elsewhere: Thou Shalt Not . . . Seed-Spill, a look at colonial law books and sex, together with some entries from the diary of one Joseph Moody:

Thurs. [July] 19 [1722 ]. This morning I got up pretty late. I defiled myself, though wide awake. Where will my unbridled lust lead me? I have promised myself now for a year and a half that I would seek after God, but now I am perhaps farther away from him than ever before.

Check out Brad's new blog for more good stuff.


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