Fake Titles I'd Like to See

Randall Stephens

Sometimes I'm at a conference or hearing a lecture--time dragging on--and my mind begins to wander. Happens to everyone. As I daydream, I occasionally think of fake book titles and wonder what the content of those not-ready-for-prime-time volumes might entail. This is also just a good general way to waste time. I include here some recent ones. (This may, in fact, be one of the all-time most useless posts on RiAH. So be it.)

From Scatology to Eschatology

Seventh-day Advantageous

The Devil is in the Retails

Rentacostals and Holy Home Ownership

Jesus Christ Superstore

Why I'm Not a Nazarene

Why I'm Not a Baptist

Why I'm not a Lutheran

From Jim Crow to Jim Croce

Wiccan Awesome

Apocalypse Row!

Interstitial Trope-a-dopery and the Landscape of Rococo Marxism

The Kung-Fu Husserl

Proof Text Poker and Bible Roulette (got half of this from Peggy Bendroth)

Deliver Us from Evel Knievel


spencer said…
I can proudly relate that I saw this list spring into being ... seated next to Randall in a conference session that was dragging on. Great work, Randall.
Todd said…
Coming to a Borders near you:

Jonathan Edwards and the Goblet of Hellfire
Randall said…
Todd: I like it! I see a videogame tie-in.

For content to fill the pages try going to this new-ish Univ of Chicago site, which generates academic material. Paul pointed me to this treasure:


"The fiction of normative value(s) recapitulates the authentication of the gendered body."

"The eroticization of civil society may be parsed as the discourse of power/knowledge."
Manlius said…
In keeping with your Pentecostal studies, how about Glossolalia for Dummies?
Todd said…
Randall: Just came back from a panel session where I thought of a new title for the list:

Bill Gaither's Gospel Music and Other Things That Have Made Me Vomit When I Have Encountered Them
(forthcoming, Eerdmans)

The same scholar who made me think of that also made this insightful (serious here--not sarcastic) observation: it is extremely possible to overanalyze the attempt to define the individuals who make up one's subjects to the point where one creates a centrifugal force in one's scholarship to essentially cause the definition to "go splat!" Classic stuff!

Seriously though, I hope you will be doing a writeup on the "new" evangelical historiography panel soon for those who weren't able to make the panel because it was some really interesting (and historiographically important) stuff.
Anonymous said…
If I did New Testament I would definitely find a way to title a paper "Pauline Perils."

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