Jeremiah Wright on PBS

Art Remillard

To compliment to Professor Murphy's post and other Wright-related discussions on this blog, I would encourage those interested in the subject to watch Bill Moyers' interview with Jeremiah Wright. If nothing else, it offers insight into the person, his life and ministry.

While watching the interview, I was surprised to learn how significant a role Martin Marty has played in the intellectual formation of Wright. Marty wrote about this, and the controversy in general, in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Below are his concluding thoughts...

It would be unfair to Wright to gloss over his abrasive — to say the least — edges, so, in the "Nobody's Perfect" column, I'll register some criticisms. To me, Trinity's honoring of Minister Louis Farrakhan was abhorrent and indefensible, and Wright's fantasies about the U.S. government's role in spreading AIDS distracting and harmful. He, himself, is also aware of the now-standard charge by some African-American clergy who say he is a victim of cultural lag, overinfluenced by the terrible racial situation when he was formed.

Having said that, and reserving the right to offer more criticisms, I've been too impressed by the way Wright preaches the Christian Gospel to break with him. Those who were part of his ministry for years — school superintendents, nurses, legislators, teachers, laborers, the unemployed, the previously shunned and shamed, the anxious — are not going to turn their backs on their pastor and prophet.


Tim Lacy said…

Thanks for noting the Marty/Wright article. Good stuff.

- TL
John G. Turner said…
Cannot believe Wright couldn't wait to unburden himself until after a few more primaries. Is he a closet HRC supporter?
Anonymous said…
Wright is obviously a brilliant and insightful man, so my assumption is that he knows only too well what he is doing at all times. I do think he's decided it's best to undermine Barack Obama's campaign, for whatever reason.

And I suspect that reason is a giant ego. Wright has all the intelligence, wit, knowledge and powers of persuasion to be a truly great (relgious, or any other kind of) leader in this country. Unfortunately, he is all too content with a combative display of his intellectual gifts rather than bringing people along to his point of view.

His lot is with the fight, not the victory, and that is so much the worse for poor Mr. Obama.

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