Elijah James Blum Memorial Update

by Edward J. Blum

permanent marker on 6th floor
of Arts & Letters Building at SDSU
Thanks, thanks, thanks to all for your support, kindness, and care. Also, thanks to the dozens who contributed to the Eljiah James Blum Memorial Fund. It is now an established award at San Diego State University that will provide an annual $500 scholarship for an undergraduate or graduate student pursuing education in history or the social sciences. The winner will also receive a copy of The Color of Christ, which is not only dedicated to Elijah, but also inspired by his joyful and sad journey. Those who donated $100 or more to the fund will receive a copy of the book shortly.

The first EJB memorial award winner will be Jennifer Lindell (posthumously). She was my finest student, and I was honored that my son had the chance to meet her before she passed away too young as well. I still receive emails from people trying to locate her because they found her MA thesis on Mormon-Indian relations so fascinating.


Congrats Ed. You can judge a person by his friends and, with the exception of me, you've got a lot of quality on your side.