Stick Your Beer in the Snow: The Theology of the Frozen Tundra

Paul Harvey

I wasn't going to clutter this blog with exultation in the victory of the only Socialist/Communitarian Franchise in professional sports, the Green Bay Packers (whom I have loved since the 1967 Ice Bowl, my young Baptist self not realizing then that Vince Lombardi -- subject of a recent Broadway show -- was a Jesuit-trained coach at Fordham before being brought in to rescue the hapless Packers), but I have to quote just one gem from this piece of seasonal theology, from someone interviewed at the team's victory celebration at Lambeau Field today, where below-zero wind chills. hardly deterred the faithful:

The weather's fine. I can barely feel it," Ken Hampp, 23, of Appleton, said in the Lambeau parking lot as he sipped a Budweiser, before it froze. "That's my favorite thing about winter. You can just stick your beer in the snow.


Oh, and congratulations to the biggest Cheesehead friend of this blog, Kip Kosek, author of the memorable article "Brett Favre, Catholic Hero" (from 2008, in case you are wondering, before the more recent ugly Favre revelations). Actually the final sentences of the piece are even more appropriate given those revelations: "For every choice, there's a consequence. Wisconsin's Catholics understand this, and weep."


Art said…
Clutter away! Oh Steelers. It's sad times here in western PA. But alas, we have Troy Polamalu, "Greek Orthodox Hero." I seem to think that, in terms of American religious history, Orthodox Christianity could use some more attention. The only book I've read on the topic is John Erikson's Orthodox Christians in America: A Short History. I'm sure there is more out there, but it just doesn't seem to have the exposure as other groups of similar size. I could be wrong, though... Often am.