Lilly Fellows Program Book Award

Announcing the Fourth Biennial Lilly Fellows Program Book Award

The Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and the Arts invites nominations for the Lilly Fellows Program Book Award.

The biennial Lilly Fellows Program Book Award honors an original and imaginative work from any academic discipline that best exemplifies the central ideas and principles animating the Lilly Fellows Program. These include faith and learning in the Christian intellectual tradition, the vocation of teaching and scholarship, and the history, theory or practice of the university as the site of religious inquiry and culture.

Works under consideration should address the historical or contemporary relation of Christian intellectual life and scholarship to the practice of teaching as a Christian vocation or to the past, present, and future of higher education. Single authored books or edited collections in any discipline, published in 2007 to 2010, are eligible. The committee will receive nominations of academic faculty, clergy, and others. Authors or editors cannot nominate their own works.

Please note that the nomination deadline is March 1, 2011. A Prize of $3000 will be awarded at the Lilly Fellows Program National Conference at Samford University, October 21-23, 2011.

For nomination procedures, please visit:, or email lillyfellows.program AT valpo DOT edu