Catholics and Political Endorsements

Art Remillard

Over on the Spiritual Politics blog, Mark Silk's recent post on Father Pfleger, Catholics, and political endorsements includes this invocation given by Monsignor Jim Silante at a recent New York GOP fundraiser.

Will this make the news cycle? Probably not. Despite the partisanship, Silante isn't nearly as animated as Pfleger, who fed the media narrative on Obama's questionable religious connections. And the competing narrative--that Catholics favor Republicans--just isn't that new or interesting.


Tim Lacy said…

Thanks a million for this. As a practicing, serious, fiercely moderate Catholic, this irritates me to no end.

I was tired of the attempt to line up for the Catholic vote for Republicans in 2004 (based on Voter's Guides that always steared folks back to abortion---the one and only life issue, according to some), and I predict I'll be tired of it again in November.

Although I love my Church, speeches like this make me wonder about our tax-exempt status.

Oh, and there's nothing like grabbing sentences out of context to promote one's cause.

I'd like for---no, I challenge--- Monsignor Silante to give me a point-by-point list detailing exactly how the McCain of 2008 better fits the ideal Catholic politician paradigm than Obama.

- TL